How it works

For Space Renters

How it works
Whether you are a business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur or just someone who needs a space for a day or two, we have a space for you.

Search within Bitsy for a space that matches your price, location and audience, or browse our bit-sized guides for inspiration.

Spaces can be rented by day, week or month so enter your desired dates and submit an enquiry to begin.

Insurance, legal and payment can be all managed within a few clicks, saving you time and hassle.

Get more
If you need more than just the physical space, let us offer you some Value Added Services that will help make whatever you are doing in your space a success. BITSY’s team of marketing, PR and event service providers are at your fingertips.

For Space Listers

How it works
List your space for free! Make money on your existing, unused or underutilised space by listing with BITSY.

Space owners simply sign up and give us some basic information about your space. BITSY will review then contact you so we can walk you through the simple process of creating your space listing such as selecting the types of events the space is ideal for and uploading photos that will best highlight the space.

For first-time listers, our team will then walk you through the process of managing your space listing, including the value-added service (hyperlink to Value-Added Services for Listers) of having the BITSY team manage your listing and bookings for you. When someone is interested in booking your space, they will send you an inquiry by email, to which you can respond with pricing and availability information.

Back-end details will securely be handled through our platform, and we will even take care of the follow up procedure to ensure that both you and the booker are happy after the event is through.

BITSY Value-Added Services for Listers
BITSY offers the following Value-Added Services for Listers:

Comprehensive space listing management - From creating the BITSY listing to managing inquiries about the space to the booking of the space, the BITSY team will fully manage the listing to booking process. This value-added service can be booked from month-to-month, for one year, or a two-year term.

Ongoing event management – Through this service, you’ll gain a dedicated BITSY team member who will liaise and take the burden of the back-and-forth of event planning off of you and into the experienced hands of our team members who specialize in event and meeting planning. If need be, we will even bring in multiple BITSY team members to coordinate and be on site on the day of the event or meeting. This value-added service can be booked per event, from month-to-month, for one year, or a two-year term.